All that is gold does not glitter; Not all those who wander are lost.

The Lord of the Rings - Volume One

The Day We Open Mt Cinco Picos to the Mountaineering Community (2006)

Mt Cinco Picos

With the help of my friends in mountaineering and Rotary Club we were able to introduce Mt Cinco Picos to other mountaineers and this is the start of making Zambales the next hiking destination. It was attended by around 100+ mountaineers from solo hikers, freelance, and mountaineers from the different known groups at that time such as Dong-In Mountaineers, All Terrain Mountaineering Club (ATMC), Sabit Mountaineers, YAPAK Mountaineers, YABAG Mountaineers and Guys for Mountains (G4M) to name some of them. After we introduced Mt Cinco Picos, other nearby mountains followed such as Mt Balingkilat (or as they call it Bahay ng mga Kidlat) and Mt Dayungan and nearby traverses.

Along San Antonio, Zambales the only beaches that are known at that time were Pundaquit, Anawangin and nearby islands. Since the introduction of these mountains to the mountaineering community, we were able to make traverses to nearby beaches such as Nagsaza Beach via Mt Dayungan, Mt Cinco Picos traverse to Silanguin Cove, and Mt Balingkilat traverse to Nagsaza Beach. Manong Florante Lavesoria was my contact at that time to fetch me and my friends via pump boat from Silanguin Cove to Pundaquit and from Nagsaza Beach to Pundaquit.

Then on December 2008, San Beda Mountaineers made a successful traverse from Balingkilat to Anawangin. The rest is history ...

Date of Exploration: July 2006
Date of Introducing the trail to my Mountaineering Friends: July 2006
Date of Introducing the trail to the Mountaineering Community: October 2006

First Open Climb of Mt Cinco Picos