All that is gold does not glitter; Not all those who wander are lost.

The Lord of the Rings - Volume One

  • Mt Sicapoo - MikeB Adventures
  • Mt Balingkilat - MikeB Adventures
  • Mt Dayungan - MikeB Adventures
  • Mt Maculot - MikeB Adventures
  • Mt Batulao - MikeB Adventures
  • Summit of Mt Balingkilat - MikeB Adventures
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  • Mt Kinabalu - MikeB Adventures 
  • Mt. Sicapoo | 2,354 MASL | The Roof of Ilocos Norte
  • Mt. Balingkilat | 1,100 MASL | Subic, Zambales
  • Mt. Dayungan | Subic, Zambales
  • Mt. Maculot | 947 MASL | Cuenca, Batangas
  • Mt. Batulao | 811+ MASL | Nasugbo, Batangas
  • Summit of Mt. Balingkilat | 1100 MASL | Subic, Zambales
  • Mt. Balingkilat Campsite 2 | Subic, Zambales
  • One of the Trails Going to Mt. Halcon | 2,586 MASL | Island of Mindoro | 18th Highest Peak in the Philippines
  • Mt Amuyao - Cordillera Region | 2700+ MASL
  • One of my Mountain Explorations
  • The Dasig Team of Mt Kanlaon
  • Kibungan to Ilocos Sur - Cross Country Trek
  • Mt Kinabalu - Sabah, Malaysia
  • Mt Apo | 2,954 MASL | Highest Mountain in the Philippines

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cinco picos, dayungan, balingkilat, mikeb, subic, san antonio, nagsaza, silanguin cove, anawanginOn this website you'll find a mixture of my mountaineering experiences, adventures, and belief in life.  While I love backpacking, I am also a compulsive day hiker, and peak bagger. I’m up for any kind of hiking and think it’s a great way to get outside, give yourself a break from your worldly troubles, and get some natural exercise.

My hopes for the website are twofold. One, that it can act as a quick reference tool for novices and experienced hikers alike and a compilation of tips and advice on trip planning, lightweight backpacking techniques and improving your wilderness skill set. And two; that by browsing through some of the photo galleries and my blogs, at least a few people out there may be encouraged to put on a pair of comfortable shoes, grab a backpack and go for a walk. Hope to see you on the trail and on top of the mountain.

All that is gold does not glitter; Not all those who wander are lost. - The Lord of the Rings Volume 1

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Where Did The Castillejos Name Came From?

castillejos zambales

According to the Historia de Filipinas by Agustin Cava (Manila 1876), Castillejos became a pueblo in 1743. It was first known as Uguic, later Uguic, until January 24, 1863, when the town was given a new priest and its present name. Uguit was also known as Visita to residents of San Marcelino and San Antonio because during that time, the priest from Subic came over to celebrate mass on certain days of the week and to perform marriages and baptisms. People from surrounding environs flocked to Visita for these religious rites

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